Blue Crane Route Municipality implemented a basic charge for all pre-paid electricity users as from 1 July 2018.

In the past, only conventional electricity users paid a basic charge for electricity. The implication of this in the past, was that pre-paid users only paid for electricity unit purchases that the municipality then used to pay Eskom. These households did not contribute to the other cost components to get the electricity services to their respective houses.

A lot of maintenance was also neglected by the municipality, due to the fact that in the past pre-paid electricity households did not pay this basic fee.

In short, the sole purpose of this basic charge, is to pay for the electricity infrastructure in order to get the electricity service to our clients. This charge will not be used to pay for the electricity units itself.

Council also made sure, that starting from 1 July 2018, there are no discrepancies between the electricity tariffs paid by conventional and that of prepaid electricity users. Everyone will pay the same.  This basic charge will be ringfenced by the municipality and will only be used for future electricity maintenance.

This tariff was approved by Council and NERSA, after the views of the public and National/Provincial Treasury were requested and is thus legally implementable by Council.( the Nersa letter and the Notices )

The following ( memo reflecting the questions and answers ) are some frequently asked questions received from various of sources, that we want to answer and that can assist in resolving a lot of questions remaining from the public.



The Blue Crane Route Municipality is situated in the central Eastern Cape and forms part of the Sarah Baartman district. The Blue Crane Route Municipality consists of the three beautiful towns: Somerset East, Pearston and Cookhouse.

The Municipality is a plenary Council and is headed by Mayor, Cllr. Bonisile Manxoweni who serves as both the Mayor and the Speaker of the Council. The municipality has six (6) ward Councillors and four (4) Proportional Representative (PR) Councillors.


A municipality that strives to provide a better life for all its citizens, through responsible local governance. Zero tolerance for corruption and creating an environment for upliftment and sustainable economic growth


To provide affordable, quality services, alleviate poverty and facilitate social and economic development of the area through integrated development planning, cooperative governance, skills development and sustainable utilisation of resources.


Honesty - Zero tolerance for ill-discipline and misconduct and corruption

Efficiency - Strive for performance excellence through effectiveness and efficiency

Integrity - To conduct business in a consistent and unbiased manner

Transparency - Keeping stakeholders informed and involved

Respectfulness - Mutual respect within workplace and community